The Dudutki Folk Museum

The Dudutki Folk Museum

4 hours

100 km


Price for excursion:

 110 Euro

(Including transportation for 3 pax, interpreter services) extra paid are entrance fees and guided 2,5 hours tour in Russian (with my after-guide translation) - about 15 Euro per person

The Dudutki museum is an open-air museum complex situated 45 km far from Minsk on the bank of the picturesque river Ptich.

This tour will take you into the world of Belarusian age-old manners and occupations. Here one can visit a museum of national crafts, see the old windmill, a wooden church, shape a horseshoe «for Good luck» at the blacksmiths, see the potter at work. The most exciting thing is to taste traditional Belarusian appetizers and beverages as well as distinctive Belarusian dishes. All are produced on the spot!

The standard guided tour with 2,5 duration in Dudutki includes:


- Workshops (smithy, pottery, wood-making shop, bakery, etc.)

- Snacks at the distillery (moonshine vodka, traditional chaser)

- Snacks in the bakery (bread, cheese, butter, herbal tea)

- Snacks in the beekeeper’s house (honey)

- Horse-riding


You can also visit museums on your own or with me as an interpreter, without a local guide which makes the price lower. Please, ask for more options. A village museum tour can be accomplished by local home-made cuisine lunch at a local village cafe with beautiful natural surroundings.

The Dudutki Folk Museum Photo The Dudutki Folk Museum Photo The Dudutki Folk Museum Photo