Mir and Nesvizh Tour

Mir and Nesvizh Tour

7-8 hours

About 290 km


130 Euro per car (1-2 pax) + entrance tickets - 13 EUR for 2 castles per person

You are welcome to visit two UNESCO World Heritage sights in Belarus – a castle in Mir and a palace and park complex in Nesvizh. The trip offers great views of the Belarusian countryside, a remarkable atmosphere of the old architecture reminding of the past of our country. You will know about the Radzivills — one of the most powerful noble families for 4 previous centuries in what now is known as Belarus.

The tour includes a visit to the castle in Mir with a walk around it, a tour around the palace and park in Nesvizh. You can also visit the museums in Nesvizh Palace and Mir Castle (either viewing the interiors by yourself or having an audio guide excursion or having an excursion from a local guide with my translation into English). All the sights in the towns of Mir and Nesvizh besides the castles are naturally included! One of my favorite — an old Church of Divine Body in Nesvizh with Radzivills crypt will not leave you untouched…

If you’d like to taste Belarusian cuisine, lunch at a restaurant in Mir in the castle cellar or local cafe or at a restaurant in Nesvizh Town Hall can also be organized. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed either with interiors or with the cuisine.

Mir and Nesvizh Tour Photo Mir and Nesvizh Tour Photo Mir and Nesvizh Tour Photo Mir and Nesvizh Tour Photo